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At GloComNet, we believe in the importance of understanding social complexity and dealing with uncertainty. That is why GloComNet specifically aims at increasing awareness of the meaning of social complexity. We bridge the gap between research, education, practice, art and culture by;

  • co-creating and sharing knowledge (disclaimer)
  • producing content i.e. interviews, round tables and documentaries
  • organizing symposia, congresses and other dialogue
  • facilitating transformations within public and private organizations
  • designing and distributing courses
  • offering a platform for speakers


A Network - GloComNet is a network of people who develop innovative theories, methods and models. People who want to contribute to better governance and supervision, both public and private.
A Platform - GloComNet hosts an interactive platform, a knowledge center, a search engine and a forum. Enabling members to share perspectives between research, education, practice and arts.
A Hub - GloComNet is the hub of hubs in the area of social complexity and uncertainty. We create a place for leading companies, government agencies, academic institutions and individuals. 


Visitors curious to see and share what’s happening on the platform. Members, a world-wide group of people,
organizations and institutions enriching, building and expanding the platform and network. The GloComNet Staff,
facilitating the platform and answering your questions. Founders of GloComNet shaping the network.

Our associate members

Jairzinho Ahir
David Archer
W. Brian Arthur
Hilton Barbour
Rik Berbé
Maarten Berg
Daan Bergwerff
Ben Berndt
Dirk Bezemer
Yaron Blumenthal
Jos Bodewes
Sander Boon
Nick Bootsma
Paul Buitink
Linden Cole
Heiko De Boer
Willy De Konink
Frank de Morrée
Henderikus de Poel
Evert De Vries
Jeroen de Wilde
James Dick
Tjalling Dijkstra
Olav Dirkmaat
Erwin Duurland
Diego Espinosa
Anna-Maria Feneri
Catherine Fieschi
Miguel Galán
Diego Garlaschelli
Mikhail Gorelkin
Jeannette Hanna
Denis Hicks
Lex Hoogduin
Wander Jager
Sara Johnson
Jacques Kemp
Theo Kocken
Marco Koning
Henk Krijnen
Roland Kupers
Auke Leen
Manuel Lindeboom
Marco Loonstra
Yeu Wen Mak
Sean Meijer
Tim Menkveld
Edin Mujagic
Jesper Nederhoed
Jos Nieland
Jan Nieuwenhuijs
Vincent O'Brien
Samuel Ofori-Sey
Gábor Péli
Pedro Portela
Dion Reijnders
Marcella Rijkschroeff
Sander Roelandt
Jan-Willem Romeijn
Alexander Sassen v Elsloo
Joeri Schasfoort
Titus Sendrowicz
Andrey Shovkoplyas
Bernd Jan Sikken
Jurgen Spaanderman
Christopher Stockermans
Richard Sullivan
Máté Szücs
Bert Tieben
Tjeerd Tim
Paul van der Cingel
Richard van der Linde
Kees van der Meiden
Hans van Ees
Thomas van Galen
Harold van Garderen
Ger van Gils
Linda van Goor
Iman van Lelyveld
Jan van Teeffelen
Jan Wouter Vasbinder
Steyn Verhoeven
Jan Vis
Ammy Vogtlander
Robbert Vonk
Bert Wenkenbach
Carina Wiegman
Sharon Zivkovic

Lex Hoogduin, Founder

Our world does not need structures, it needs order. This paradigm shift will lead to a world where entities, functions and relations are numerous and interdependent. This enables us to envision the future and then take decisions. It is my passion to create awareness, spread the word and facilitate research on complexity and uncertainty.


Rik Berbé, Co-Founder

As social entrepreneur I embrace the world of today. Helping people to rediscover their origin and values improves the organization they form and the work they do. The latest technologies and socio-organic models enables the rediscovery of the organisation’s agility. Because motion differentiates you in the world today. And tomorrow.


Erik W. Huizinga, Co-Founder

The first step is to recognize/acknowledge complexity; the next step is to work it: creating open minds - combining talents and strengths. This will change the world because it allows everyone to do what he or she does best. I like to add fun and connection so everyone can move freely and choose wisely.


Advisory board

Hans van Ees - Professor / Dean University College Groningen

Contact info

Global Complexity Network (GloComNet) B.V.
Burgemeester Gülcherlaan 36
1217 PC Hilversum, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0) 35 622 36 82

Chamber of Commerce: 61874949
Banking details
Account number NL15TRIO 0198 0211 94

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