Artists are better visionaries

Art provides a means for people to hear, see, feel and act differently. Therefore, art might increase our understanding of reality.
To better understand our complex world, GloComNet stimulates to explore the world of art and culture.

Here artists, composers, creative people, politicians and youngsters, among all others,
can share items and create new perspectives or ways of doing things.

Random items

To understand is to perceive patterns

The Imaginary Foundation says "To Understand Is To Perceive Patterns". Albert-László Barabási, think about NETWORKS: "Networks are everyw...

Mar 12 2016
Franchise Freedom

Franchise Freedom - a flying sculpture by Studio Drift in partnership with BMW is a performative artwork at the interface between technol...

May 15 2018
Haacke's Condensation Cube

Hans Haacke's Condensation Cube (1963-65) is a hermetically sealed, clear acrylic plexiglass box, thirty centimeters on the side that hol...

Mar 12 2016
Fractal 3D

Roaming through a procedurally generated 3d fractal environment. It takes a long time to make these; each frame takes seconds to render. ...

Mar 12 2016
Shifting perspectives

Great website with all kind of visual representations of complex systems.Check the website ...

Jun 27 2017
Knit with grit

Psychology Today Blog on the value of artistry emphasizing the need to fuse science and arts in educational programs.Should engineering s...

Sep 23 2016
Visual Complexity by Manuel Lima

See more ...

Mar 12 2016
Marvellous Transformations

Norwegian artist Marianne Selsjord, a painter who trained as a conservator, started to work with the computer as medium in the mid-1990s....

Mar 12 2016
Book "A Science of Cities" by Michael Batty

"A brilliant synthesis of how concepts from complexity science change our understanding of cities. Scaling, fractals, and simulation mode...

Mar 12 2016
How participatory scenario thinking (PST) can shape the future

The key driver for organisations and urban spaces is to be vital. This is becoming increasingly important in today's complex and uncertai...

Jun 18 2017
With Each Other - Reintroducing the Bohmian Dialogue

What does it mean to speak openly about divisive social issues from which we can't completely remove ourselves? We strive to break down o...

Dec 23 2017
Social cognitive theory goes global - how to promote adoption of psychosocial programmes

A great talk from Bandura (who has just been awarded the National Medal of Science by President Obama) on how he has used psychosocial a...

Mar 12 2016