Artists are better visionaries

Art provides a means for people to hear, see, feel and act differently. Therefore, art might increase our understanding of reality.
To better understand our complex world, GloComNet stimulates to explore the world of art and culture.

Here artists, composers, creative people, politicians and youngsters, among all others,
can share items and create new perspectives or ways of doing things.

Random items

How participatory scenario thinking (PST) can shape the future

The key driver for organisations and urban spaces is to be vital. This is becoming increasingly important in today's complex and uncertai...

Jun 18 2017
Video OECD workshop: Economic Geography and Cities (​​Colin Harrison)

Colin Harrison, Founder, Urban Systems CollaborativeColin Harrison about how cities work from bottom-up - natural and urban systems.

Mar 12 2016
A Complex System for the Visualization of Music (Jack Ox)

My long term interest has been to create and solve problems encountered in the visualization of music as an abstract phenomenon. This sel...

Mar 12 2016
'Do you think that Science...' by Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt

A Semiconductor work by Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. Watch what space scientists in NASA are struggling a meaning to scien...

Mar 12 2016
Front door the new Color Organ

This is the site for the Color Organ created by Jack Ox and David Britton with 3D modeling by Richard Rodriguez and Jack Ox. You can watc...

Mar 12 2016
Hans Haacke at Paula Cooper

Hans Haacke at Paula Cooper, New York (Jan 2008)

Mar 12 2016
Complexity art and complex systems

In recent years artists have paid significant attention to a number of now familiar technologies. The World Wide Web, genetic engineering...

Mar 12 2016
GloColumn - episode 2 - Art education as an obligation

Art education as an obligationPicture: ©cofre

Dec 23 2017
GloColumn - episode 1 - Art and culture in a complex world

Art and culture in a complex world Picture: ©cofre

Dec 23 2017
Understanding the Matrix movie

There are a lot of interesting aspects of The Matrix movie that provoke discussion, arguments, and debates over what the filmmakers meant...

Mar 12 2016
Perspectives seen from different points of view

Plato stated that as things appear, is different from as things are. He found that e.g. perspective (skhnografia - 'scene-painting') and ...

Mar 12 2016
Learning through Game Play

The premise of this paper is that video games create rich and complex contexts for learning (Gee, 2007). Traditional understanding of lea...

Mar 12 2016