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The key objective of GloComNet is to create awareness of social complexity and uncertainty.
We contribute to education with a special interest in understanding social complexity.
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Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

Werner Heisenberg introduced the principle of uncertainty around 1927, which states that there are limits to the degree of accuracy with ...

Apr 18 2016
GloComNet as HUB of HUBS

GloComNet is the hub of the hubs in the world of (social) complexity and uncertainty.Check out all hubs worldwide

Jun 18 2017
Information, Ants and Inequality - Diego Espinosa

A forager ant emerges from atop the colony's hill. In its place, we might imagine stopping to scan the dusty landscape for food locations...

Mar 12 2016
Inaugural lecture Lex Hoogduin: Dealing with Complexity and Uncertainty

Professor Lex Hoogduin, Groningen University, The Netherlands

Mar 12 2016
Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain World: Dirk Bezemer and Lex Hoogduin

For the MOOC Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain World we organize a Google Hangout. Ask your questions about the case study 'Fina...

Mar 12 2016
Para Limes

The Singaporean Institute for Complexity Sciences must be such a place, and distinguish itself from other institutes in the world by the ...

Mar 12 2016
What do we talk about when we talk about trust

In partnerships, joint ventures and other collaborative systems there is a need for people to trust others across organisational boundari...

Mar 15 2017
What’s Driving Evolution?

This site is about "Natural Evolution and Emergent Complexity" – it is about how complex things can (without any external direction) natu...

Oct 02 2016
A self-organizing thousand-robot swarm

The first thousand-robot flash mob has assembled at Harvard University."Form a sea star shape," directs a computer scientist, sending the...

Mar 12 2016
The third great wave

MOST PEOPLE ARE discomfited by radical change, and often for good reason. Both the first Industrial Revolution, starting in the late 18th...

Mar 12 2016
Lost Anchors and the Great Financial Expansion

The story of the 2008 global crisisBy Lex Hoogduin and Jesper NederhoedWho really wants to understand the crisis of 2008 needs to go back...

Jun 18 2017
The Global Search for Education: More Focus on Systems

Roland Kupers wants students to develop the kind of habits conducive to understanding their world in all its complexity. This means under...

May 31 2016