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The key objective of GloComNet is to create awareness of social complexity and uncertainty.
We contribute to education with a special interest in understanding social complexity.
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Random items

Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems

The Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems was founded in 2004 with the goals of uncovering fundamental principles governing complex s...

Mar 12 2016
Wolves changing rivers!

This is a story about how a pack of wolves were released out in Yellowstone National Park, and how they ultimately changed the whole eco ...

Oct 02 2017
Urban Development and Social Complexity by Gert De Roo

Find below the lecture from Gert De Roo, Professor of Planning at the University of Groningen, who is introducing planning theory and is ...

Mar 12 2016
The Austrian School on Politics

What are the links between Austrian economics and politics? What political system is required to carry out the Austrian agenda? Answers t...

Jun 18 2017
The Austrian School - The Essence

The Austrian School community of GloComNet presents: A video series on the Austrian School.In this first episode on the essence of the Au...

Jun 18 2017
Systemic Risk in Ecological and Financial Systems: Early Warnings?

In the presentation 'Systemic Risk in Ecological and Financial Systems: Early Warnings?' at the 10th Tinbergen Institute Conference 2015,...

Mar 12 2016
GloComNet conversations - Working with Participatory Narrative Inquiry (PNI)

GloComNet conversation on applications of Participatory Narrative Inquiry (PNI) with Harold van GarderenIn this interview in the GloComNe...

Nov 06 2017
Complexity LAB

Complexity Labs is an online resource dedicated to the area of complex systems providing a wide variety of users with information, resear...

Jul 07 2016
How network structure impacts consumer experience

"If you're building a technology platform, making it "social" really means figuring out what the nodes, edges, and jumping functions shou...

Mar 12 2016
Evolving Virtual Creatures

This paper describes a novel system for creating virtual creatures that move and behave in simulated three-dimensional physical worlds. T...

Mar 12 2016
Complex systems principles and education

Complex Systems Principles and Education: Focusing on Universal Principles and Individual Differences. I will present a few perspectives ...

Mar 12 2016
GloComNet conversations - Working with Stories by Cyntia Kurtz

GloComNet conversations with Cynthia KurtzIn this series Lex Hoogduin interviews guests from the diverse worlds of complexity: social, ec...

Nov 01 2017