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The key objective of GloComNet is to create awareness of social complexity and uncertainty.
We contribute to education with a special interest in understanding social complexity.
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Video OECD workshop: Boom Bust Boom: Reaction on movie on Financial Crises (​Catherine L. Mann)

Catherine L. Mann, Chief Economist and Head of the Economics Department, OECD

Mar 12 2016
Macroprudential Policies in a Dynamical Model of the Basel Leverage Cycle

In the presentation 'Evaluating Macroprudential Policies in a Dynamical Model of the Basel Leverage Cycle' at the 10th Tinbergen Institut...

Mar 12 2016
Cohesion Policy and Inequality Dynamics

Presented at the 10th Tinbergen Institute Conference 2015, Herbert Dawid (Bielefeld University) analyzes to which extent technology-orien...

Sep 10 2016
Decoding the Remarkable Algorithms of Ants

Ants are capable of remarkable feats of coordination. They can forge complex paths through the jungle, build sophisticated structures, an...

Mar 12 2016
An Alternative Paradigm for Economics

Presentation Lex Hoogduin about An Alternative Paradigm for Economics. Presented during The Complexity Lens Conference in Singapore on Ju...

Mar 12 2016
Stellenbosch: Centre for Studies in Complexity

The centre provides the framework and infrastructure for engaging with complexity systematically and in depth. The core activity of the C...

Mar 12 2016
Andreas Flache | Opinion formation in society

GloComNet interviews Andreas Flache, professor of sociology at University of Groningen. Interview recorded during the Lorentz Center symp...

Mar 12 2016
Climate Science and the Uncertainty Monster (by Judith Curry)

Dr. Judith Curry is Professor and former Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology and...

Mar 14 2016
Learning from Bacteria about Social Networks (video by Eshel Ben-Jacob)

Video Learning from Bacteria about Social Networks

Mar 12 2016
Swarm conditions and the traffic flow

Self-organization is apparent in various contexts and processes including physics, biology, engineering and cognitive systems. This dynam...

Mar 29 2017
Educate yourself with Complexity Academy

"The world may be complex, but learning doesn't have to be complicated." The Complexity Academy aims to provide courses, material and vid...

Jun 18 2017
Three ways to foster education on complexity using network visualizations

Interviewed by The Huffington Post, GloComNet member Roland Kupers made a compelling case for more focus on systems thinking in education...

Jun 02 2016