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Dealing with complexity and uncertainty. 1-day FAUC™ • Play training

05-07-2017 10:00 - 05-07-2017 17:00

GloComNet invites you for the 1-day FAUC™ • PLAY training for practitioners. FAUC™ • PLAY is an interactive hands-on and minds-on game designed to learn how to deal with complexity and uncertainty.

▶︎ Game
By playing the game, participants discover the capacities needed for their social system (team, organisation, government or city). Visuals, play-blocks, team dynamics and dialogue stimulate participants to find weak spots. Together they develop the capacities and actions needed to become effective in a complex- and uncertain world.

▶︎ Material
As part of the training, participants receive their own comprehensive FAUC™ - PLAYBOX with all materials (visuals, posters, cards, roadmaps) needed to facilitate their own workshops.

▶︎ Certification
After completing the training, the practitioner will receive certification as a FAUC™ • PLAY facilitator. This is a life-long (individual) right to use FAUC™ • PLAY in their practice / organisation.

▶︎ Theory
FAUC™ • PLAY is rooted in social theory and based on the Theory of Human Action and Interaction. While experiencing the FAUC™ • Play, you will get an insight into the theory behind the FAUC™.

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