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FAUC® certification course | Act effectively as a team, organisation or urban place

05-04-2018 09:00 - 05-04-2018 17:00

Organized by Trajectory and GloComNet. Facilities provided by Schulich School of Business.


This course is designed for people who live and work in changing, dynamic environments, dealing with social complexity and uncertainty. People looking for a practical framework for shaping effective and fit-for-purpose teams, organizations and places. Whether you work in a place dealing with complex problems, or as a practitioner looking to include a complexity-based framework into your practice - or when you just want to know how to deal with surprises.

After completing the course, you will receive certification as a FAUC® facilitator. This is a lifelong (individual) right to use FAUC® and FAUC®PLAY in your work / practice.


The objectives from the course are to provide the participant with the expertise and skills to understand, explain and apply the FAUC® framework. You will be stimulated to:

  • Learn to better understand complexity and uncertainty
  • Learn to better diagnose a social systems by using a complexity lens
  • Learn to find strengths and weaknesses in social systems
  • Learn to act more effectively by developing five capacities (Entrepreneurial, Alert, Adaptive, Resilient and Creative)
  • Learn to apply principles to navigate in a complex and uncertain world

Practitioners will be provided with the full set of skills, practice, combined with the confidence and commitment necessary to successfully prepare and facilitate their own workshops with FAUC®PLAY.


As part of the course, participants will receive their own comprehensive FAUC® PLAY-BOX with all materials (boards, canvases, cards, Duplo bricks and facilitator guidelines) to facilitate their own sessions and workshops.


To continue the learning, we will facilitate a learning platform and yearly meetings in which practitioners exchange their experiences with FAUC®. Also they will be updated with new insights, marketing material and cases.


The course will be facilitated by Rik Berbé, Rik is an experienced practitioner, facilitator and co-founder of GloComNet. Lex Hoogduin will join as thought leader and FAUC® expert. Lex is professor in complexity and uncertainty at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) and founder of GloComNet. You will benefit from the knowledge and experience from the original founders and designers of the FAUC® framework.


Costs for the course are € 1550 (no VAT). This includes lifetime license to use FAUC®, all materials (FAUC®PLAY-BOX), workshop manual, certificate, coffee breaks and lunch.


Facilities provided by Schulich School of Business Executive Education Centre, Miles S. Nadal Management Centre, East Tower Toronto Dominion Centre, Suite 500 – 222 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5K 1K2, Canada


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