A serious game for teams

FAUC®PLAY is a serious game for teams

| An interactive hands-on and minds-on game designed to learn how to deal with complexity and uncertainty. By playing the game, participants discover the capacities needed for their team, organisation or community. The serious game can be performed during a 4-8 hour workshop with teams varying from 4 to 50 people simultaneously.

Teams are stimulated to dialogue by using boards, canvases, cards and Duplo bricks to:

  • Learn to better understand social complexity and uncertainty
  • Learn to better diagnose their social systems by using a complexity lens
  • Learn to find strengths and weaknesses in their social system
  • Learn to act effectively by developing five capacities (Entrepreneurial, Alert, Adaptive, Resilient and Creative)
  • Learn to apply principles to navigate in a complex and uncertain world
  • Learn to use a fun serious play to transfer (new) knowledge and insights to others

The approach of the FAUC®PLAY is interactive and uses structured dialogue, playing and the wisdom of people involved. The approach offers a chance to take a step back and make observations and interpretations, and define interventions to act effectively. (Optional: the results of the workshop will be wrapped-up on a digital platform for further discussion and development).

"Things are exceptionally fragile as an idea – entirely abstract – but once there is a product between us, it is real."

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"The FAUC toolkit offers an excellent vehicle for participatory design and engagement of stakeholders grappling with complex issues and dependencies. The tactile learning inherent in the kit helps make visible the assumptions that underpin our perceptions of complex phenomena, and fosters dialogue as to prioritization and action. The session on the FAUC model was an engaging exercise led by an experienced facilitator – Rik Berbé."

- Robert Luke PH.D, Vice President, research and innovation, OCAD university

"As a facilitator and strategist, I've found the FAUC® model provides a unique, but completely intuitive, framework for sparking insights from a group or team about their specific business or community environment. It's a great assessment tool for kicking off an initiative with diverse stakeholders or, at the implementation planning stage, for bringing teams together to plan for the future."

- Jeannette Hanna, Chief Strategist, Trajectory

"I recently participated in the 'Acting effectively under uncertainty and complexity' session led by Rik Berbé. I found the FAUC® model employed in the session was an insightful and accessible tool to instigate thoughtful conversations about the opportunities, risks, and interdependencies that affect any organization or industry. It provides a foundation for stakeholders with different opinions and perspectives to collaborate and assess their collective strengths, weaknesses, and the impact to them of the unique ecosystem in which they operate."

- David, Marketing Manager, Canadian Municipality