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Change mindsets with remarkable people to inspire

GloComNet changes the mindset of people with conversations that matter

A presentation as a starting point for creating awareness about a different paradigm influencing our social and working lives. Together we prepare the program for the audience (board, team, department or other groups). Featuring remarkable people communicating passionately and persuasively, GloComNet provides various groups with inspiring ideas and an unparalleled source of complexity thinkers. We invite you to explore these life-changing stories and develop a deeper understanding of our world. Let's talk about social complexity and uncertainty!

Social complexity and uncertainty have an increasing impact on our social and working lives. Complementary to traditional techniques, organisations and societies therefore require a different approach in dealing with the challenges of today and tomorrow. The Framework for Acting under Uncertainty and Complexity (FAUC®) reinforces the ability to deal with complexity and uncertainty, to act effectively and to remain viable. FAUC® is a trademark of the Global Complexity Network.

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FAUC®TALK is rooted in social theory and based on the Theory of Human Action and Interaction (THAI). While experiencing the FAUC®TALK, participants will get an insight into the theory behind the FAUC®. Understanding of uncertainty theory and complex adaptive systems reveals an alternative paradigm, a different view of organisations, governments and cities. FAUC® is a trademark of the Global Complexity Network.

The theory of human action and interaction (THAI) constitutes the foundation for the framework that helps people to act effectively under uncertainty and complexity (FAUC®). THAI is based on:

  • (Neo) Austrian economic theory (Von Mises, Hayek, Kirzner, Schumpeter)
  • Original work from John. M. Keynes on Uncertainty / Frank H. Knight on Risk & Uncertainty
  • Modern complexity theory (Santa Fe 1983-1986) / General systems theory (von Bertalanffy) / Cybernetics (Wiener)

Also interesting relation with:

  • Cognitive psychology (Herbert Simon), Bounded rationality (Kahneman), Behavioural economics
  • Taoism
  • Critical rationalism (Popper)
  • Pragmatism


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