Fuzzy Logic – A Tool for Managing Uncertainty and Complexity (by Cate Leona)

In all domains, from marketing to engineering we need to deal with uncertainty to invent, create, solve problems and make decisions. Fuzzy logic is a logic system that is helping us do all of these things better by programming systems to think as humans do. Since the 18th century, probability theory has been a favorite tool for measuring and managing uncertainty. It tells us how probable an event is to happen within a set of possibilities. Students in most disciplines are encouraged and often required to learn probability concepts and counting techniques. Fuzzy logic seeks to get even closer to the real number by accepting that we are unable to provide an exact number to umpteen decimal points for many uncertainties in life. Information is often imperfect and data has errors. By replacing binary either/or options with if/then possibilities, fuzzy logic expands the choices and subjective attributes that can be considered.

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