MIT Fractals in Science, Engineering and Finance (video)

Description: Roughness is ubiquitous and a major sensory input of Man. The first step to measure and simulate it was provided by fractal geometry. Illustrative examples will be drawn from the sciences, engineering (the internet) and (more extensively) the variation of financial prices. The beauty of fractals, an unanticipated "premium," helps in teaching and bridges some chasms between different aspects of knowing and feeling.

About the Speaker(s): Benoit B. Mandelbrot is Sterling Professor of Mathematical Sciences at Yale University and IBM Fellow (Emeritus) at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, is best known as the founder of fractal geometry and author of Les Objets Fractals, and The Fractal Geometry of Nature. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a member of the US National Academy of Sciences as well as a Membre Titulaire de l'Academie Europenne des Sciences, des Arts et des Lettres.