Exclusive workshop 'Dealing with Complexity and Uncertainty' in London on April 20th

By invitation only!

An exclusive GloComNet event: Dealing with complexity and uncertainty 1-day 'workshop'. A workshop on dealing with complexity and uncertainty in an one-day workshop on the innovative Framework for Action under Uncertainty and Complexity (FAUC™).

Taking action in the midst of complex realities and uncertain futures is one today's most difficult – but crucial – management challenges. This exclusive complexity and uncertainty workshop is your opportunity to assess a powerful new framework for change agents, managers and consultants. The Framework for Action is designed to complement traditional strategic planning and risk management approaches. Discover how this innovative tool is being applied in diverse sectors, from financial services to healthcare, urban development and more.

The highly interactive workshop is led by Lex Hoogduin (Founder GloComNet), Samuel Ofori-sey (Founder Learnux and GloComNet practitioner) and Rik Berbé (Co-founder GloComNet). Presented for the first time in the UK, the framework has been featured at major international gatherings including last year's OECD Paris conference on Complexity of the Economy and the ParaLimes conference in Singapore. Moreover, you will get a sneak preview of the FAUC™ assessment which can be used to assess the fitness of organisations and cities.

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