The FAUC®ASSESSMENT is here - a framework

GloComNet developed a framework to support you in dealing with complexity and uncertainty.

Social complexity and uncertainty have an increasing impact on our social and working lives. Complementary to traditional techniques, organisations and societies therefore require a different approach in dealing with the challenges of today and tomorrow. The Framework for Acting under Uncertainty and Complexity (FAUC®) reinforces the ability to deal with complexity and uncertainty, to act effectively and to remain viable.

The ability to handle positive and negative surprises requires a process of shaping and reshaping capacities. The FAUC®ASSESSMENT catalyses this process as it spurs a conversation: it helps to build the capacities needed to act effectively in a complex and uncertain world. The FAUC®ASSESSMENT has been developed by the Global Complexity Network, in close cooperation with Zanders. The assessment can be performed on an individual basis, within teams or organisation-wide.

The approach of the FAUC®ASSESSMENT is interactive. Starting from the need to shape a fit- for-future organisation or city, it helps to find weak spots and to develop the capacities to deal with negative and positive surprises. The FAUC®ASSESSMENT uses both quantitative and qualitative information and the wisdom of people involved.

Our aim is to accustom people to the FAUC® way of working. We use a web-based questionnaire, conversations and a detailed report to ensure a valuable outcome. This approach offers a chance to take a step back and generate insight and conclusions, and define the actions needed.

FAUC® is a trademark of the Global Complexity Network

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