Cleveland science rocks! Celebrate science by marching with us Saturday: Evalyn Gates (Opinion)

21 April 2017

Evalyn Gates is executive director and CEO of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History   CLEVELAND -- With the Indians' and Cavaliers' successes, including last night's co...

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Hutchins Roundup: US life expectancy, China’s GDP growth, and more

20 April 2017

Studies in this week’s Hutchins Roundup find that growing inequality in life expectancy by socioeconomic status reduces the progressivity of retirement benefits in the US,...

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Unlocking resilience: The four ERM keys

20 April 2017

“I found that just surviving was a noble fight” – Billy Joel Most companies want to do much better than “just surviving.” But the world is a dan...

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Universal Basic Income Will Reduce Our Fear of Failure

20 April 2017

The New Evolution Almost two centuries ago an idea was born with such explanatory power that it created shock waves across all of human society and whose aftershocks we’...

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The Global Complexity Network
 is an open platform, a global network and hub-of-hubs

At GloComNet, we believe in the importance of understanding social complexity and dealing with uncertainty. That is why GloComNet specifically aims at increasing awareness of the meaning of social complexity. We bridge the gap between research, education, practice, art and culture. read more

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Latest news

The FAUC ™ is here - a framework and assessment

23 March 2017

Social complexity and uncertainty have an increasing impact on our social and working lives. Comp...

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Exclusive workshop 'Dealing with Complexity and Uncertainty' in London on April 20th

09 March 2017

By invitation only! An exclusive GloComNet event: Dealing with complexity and uncertainty 1-day '...

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The new GloComNet trailer is live.

01 March 2017

An update of our previous 2015 trailer. Telling the story about how to deal with social complexit...

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Lost Anchors and the Great Financial Expansion - The story of the 2008 global crisis

06 February 2017

Written by Lex Hoogduin and Jesper Nederhoed, "Lost Anchors and the Great Financial Expansion" is...

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Upcoming events

Third Annual Conference on Network Science and Economics

This year's conference, hosted by the Department of Economics at Washington University in St. Louis, will feature a special session on the information and privacy in networks on the first day.More ... Read more


Uncovering and understanding the relationship between elements in complex networks has helped propel Network Science in various fields, including neuroscience. The brain is inherently multiscale an... Read more

Conference on Complex Systems 2017, Mexico

The scientific study of complex systems offers a method for understanding how elements interact to give rise to global properties, while at the same time these properties constrain elements. Bringi... Read more

The 9th International Social Innovation Research Conference

ISIRC is the world's leading interdisciplinary social innovation research conference. The conference brings together scholars from across the globe to discuss social innovation from a variety of p... Read more