Drawing on Complexity - The Experimenta Series

26 September 2017

Description Join artist Briony Barr in an experiment which combines collaborative, expanded drawing with an exploration of complex adaptive systems. This will be the first artw...

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Drawing on Complexity - Drop in Sessions

26 September 2017

Description Are you a rule breaker or rule maker? Experimenta Make Sense invites audience members to collaborate through a series of rule based pattern-making to create an ar...

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Cyber threat analysis in complex adaptive systems

25 September 2017

The use of wartime analogies in cybersecurity is common in our industry. Sun Tzu is often quoted in presentations and papers to emphasize an author’s key point. Read ful...

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Characterizing Complexity Changes in Chinese Stock Markets by Permutation Entropy

24 September 2017

Open Access Article Entropy 2017 , 19 (10), 514; doi:10.3390/e19100514 (registering DOI) Yunfei Hou 1,2 , Feiyan Liu 1,2 , Jianbo Gao 1,2, * , Changxiu Cheng 3,4...

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The Global Complexity Network
 is an open platform, a global network and hub-of-hubs

At GloComNet, we believe in the importance of understanding social complexity and dealing with uncertainty. That is why GloComNet specifically aims at increasing awareness of the meaning of social complexity. We bridge the gap between research, education, practice, art and culture. read more

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Latest news

Our new video about how you can deal with surprises.

25 September 2017

Here it is! Our 7-minute story about how to navigate in a complex and uncertain world. Three part...

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MOOC - To learn how complexity and uncertainty influence and constrain our decisions.

13 September 2017

Our world seems to ever become more complex and uncertain. Future leaders must be able to act und...

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GloComNet launched FAUC®PLAY. A serious game.

17 May 2017

Today GloComNet introduces the serious game FAUC®PLAY to learn teams how to deal with complexi...

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The FAUC®ASSESSMENT is here - a framework

23 March 2017

GloComNet developed a framework to support you in dealing with complexity and uncertainty.Social ...

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Upcoming events

Conference on Complex Systems 2017, Mexico

The scientific study of complex systems offers a method for understanding how elements interact to give rise to global properties, while at the same time these properties constrain elements. Bringi... Read more

Leading through VUCA

With the advent of the 'internet of things' the rapid changing market places, business advances progressing faster every day, as a leader: How can you lead and manage your people, as well as your o... Read more

ISIRC 2017 - Beyond Boundaries? Organisations, Systems and Social Innovation

Social innovations are often presented as solutions to wicked social problems, operating across sectors, and disrupting traditions of policy and practice. Social innovations - including social ente... Read more

The 9th International Social Innovation Research Conference

ISIRC is the world's leading interdisciplinary social innovation research conference. The conference brings together scholars from across the globe to discuss social innovation from a variety of p... Read more