CCO Leadership in an Age of Dynamism

24 April 2018

One of the most constant things about the compliance profession is its dynamism. Compliance programs are not static and the compliance profession is not static. Today’s cu...

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Research Unraveled On the Trail of Machina Economicus

24 April 2018

Purposeful AI™ Dr. Martin Prause on how Computational Economics and AI are changing business Computational economics (CE) is a discipline that uses computer-based ec...

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Bill Gurley – 2018 Sohn Conference [Live Coverage]

23 April 2018

Bill Gurley’s presentation from the 2018 Sohn Conference. Bill Gurley has spent nearly 20 years as a General Partner at Benchmark, joining in 1999. Before entering the ...

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Making the case for sustainable decommissioning

21 April 2018

With more and more nuclear, oil & gas and other industrial assets nearing decommissioning, it is time to question the current paradigm and find a way to reduce costs, risks ...

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The Global Complexity Network
 is an open platform, a global network and hub-of-hubs

At GloComNet, we believe in the importance of understanding social complexity and dealing with uncertainty. That is why GloComNet specifically aims at increasing awareness of the meaning of social complexity. We bridge the gap between research, education, practice, art and culture. read more

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Latest news

Webinar - the role of storytelling in dealing with complexity and uncertainty

17 February 2018

On Thursday 22nd February from 5-6 pm CET GloComNet will broadcast the fifth of a series of month...

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Presentation Kate Raworth’s doughnut economics (with Lex Hoogduin in panel discussion)

10 January 2018

Kate Raworth's doughnut economics from Pakhuis de ZwijgerSeven ways to think like a 21st century ...

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Conference on Complex Systems 2018 - CCS 2018

27 December 2017

On behalf of the Steering Committee of the Complex Systems Society, the Organizing Committee of C...

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Dedicated webpage for FAUC®

25 December 2017

FAUC® is a framework to help individuals, organisations and societies to better understand comple...

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Upcoming events

Series of live webcasts about Social Complexity and Uncertainty

GloComNet in close cooperation with Zanders' will present a series of six live webcasts on current topics around Complexity. Alternating faculties consisting of international Key Opinion Leaders wi... Read more

FAUC® certification course | Act effectively as a team, organisation or urban place

Organized by Trajectory and GloComNet. Facilities provided by Schulich School of Business.COURSE DESCRIPTIONThis course is designed for people who live and work in changing, dynamic environments, d... Read more

Conference on Complex Systems 2018 - CCS2018

On behalf of the Steering Committee of the Complex Systems Society, the Organizing Committee of CCS2018 and and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, I would like to invite you to CCS2018, to b... Read more