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The Global Complexity Network
 is an open platform, a global network and hub-of-hubs

At GloComNet, we believe in the importance of understanding social complexity and dealing with uncertainty. That is why GloComNet specifically aims at increasing awareness of the meaning of social complexity. We bridge the gap between research, education, practice, art and culture. read more

Upcoming events

International Symposium on Chaos, Complexity and Leadership (2016)

The principal aims of ICCLS are to discuss the recent developments of Management applications of Chaos and Complexity, including the leadership ability. The key topics like ''Peace and Leadership",... Read more

The 5th International Workshop on Complex Networks and their Applications

The International Workshop on Complex Networks and their Applications aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners from different science communities working on areas related to complex ... Read more

Winter School How to Model Human Decision-Making in Social-Ecological Agent-Based Models"

Purpose of the Winter SchoolThe overall aim of the winter school is that the participants will learn about the opportunities and challenges of implementing theories of human behavior in agent-based... Read more

Third Annual Conference on Network Science and Economics

This year's conference, hosted by the Department of Economics at Washington University in St. Louis, will feature a special session on the information and privacy in networks on the first day.More ... Read more

Latest news

Happy to announce our partnership with Zanders

14 June 2016

Happy to announce our partnership with the people of Zanders. In the next coming years we will co...

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Students UCG boosting GloComNet

05 June 2016

An inspiring group of students of University College Groningen (UCG) start boosting the GloComNet...

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Workshops at Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

26 May 2016

Collective ideas are being sketched during 2 workshops with 40 professionals of Statistics Nether...

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1-day Bootcamp 'Dealing with complexity & uncertainty' in Toronto

13 May 2016

Jeanette Hanna, our GloComNet practitioner in Toronto (Canada) initiated and organized a 1-day Bo...

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Helena turns out for Badger-Two Medicine documentary

15 October 2016

s Solonex decision, supporters of cancellation are pushing especially hard given the uncertainty ...

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?India has to make its own tax law?

15 October 2016

tax laws to deal with them. The degree of complexity of the law is directly proportional to the c...

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Alabama needs a math tutor to help with poor ranking

15 October 2016

a former Massachusetts state superintendent with no teaching experience know about the complexiti...

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Organizations split over Measure 2 for school funding

15 October 2016

termed the changes proposed in Measure 2 a "raid" on the fund. Measure 2's complexit...

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