Framework for Acting under Uncertainty and Complexity (FAUC®)
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Build the capacity to act effectively


Today’s increasingly complex and uncertain world has a huge impact on our social and working lives. Complementary to traditional techniques, individuals, organisations and societies therefore require an additional approach and a practical framework.


FAUC® is a framework to help people, organisations and (urban) places to better understand their environment, to better diagnose their ecosystem and to act more effectively. FAUC® is rooted in scientific theory and based on many years of experience.


FAUC® leverages five capacities: Entrepreneurial, Alert, Adaptive, Resilient and Creative. Developing each capacity is essential to deal with surprises. The framework can be applied through conversations, workshops, serious games, assessments, and change journeys.

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A serious game for teams

FAUC®PLAY is a serious game for teams| An interactive hands-on and minds-on game designed to learn how to deal with complexity and uncert...

Jun 27 2017
A complexity based assessment

FAUC®ASSESS is an advanced assessment for teams, communities and organisations| The ability to handle positive and negative surprises req...

Jun 27 2017
A guided development program

FAUC®JOURNEY is a development program| A journey starts with a FAUC®PLAY or FAUC®ASSESS. The proposed interventions from the assessment a...

Jun 27 2017
A conversations that matters

FAUC®TALK changes the mindset of people with conversations that matter| A presentation as a starting point for creating awareness about a...

Jun 27 2017

A framework


An assessment


A framework grounded in scientific theory

The Framework for Acting under Uncertainty and Complexity (FAUC®) has a scientific basis. It is built on and derived from the Theory of Human Action and Interaction (THAI). The theory explains the acting of humans in a complex and uncertain world. THAI is a synthesis of three strands in science: the Austrian school of economics, John M. Keynes’ and Frank Knight’s work on uncertainty and the modern complexity theory. Read more...


As a facilitator and strategist, I’ve found the FAUC® model provides a unique, but completely intuitive, framework for sparking insights from a group or team about their specific business or community environment. It’s a great assessment tool for kicking off an initiative with diverse stakeholders or, at the implementation planning stage, for bringing teams together to plan for the future.

Jeannette Hanna, Chief Strategist, Trajectory

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The development of FAUC® is a spin-off from the Global Complexity Network.

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