Practice and Tools

The Framework for Acting under Uncertainty and Complexity (FAUC®).

A framework to help you prepare for a fast changing world.

Science Based

A framework based on science and logic derived from many years of research and practice. More...

Human Action

A framework embracing the human condition to act effectively in complex and uncertain environments.

Practical Tools

A framework as a base for easy to use tools for individuals, organisations and (urban) places.


Taking action in the midst of an uncertain future and complex reality is one of today’s most difficult – but crucial – challenges. The FAUC® framework spurs a conversation to help people, organisations and (urban) places to better understand their environment, to better diagnose their ecosystem and to act more effectively.

FAUC® leverages five capacities: Entrepreneurial, Alert, Adaptive, Resilient and Creative. Developing each capacity is essential to deal with surprises. The framework and underlying tools can be applied through conversations, workshops, serious games, assessments, and change journeys.


We support individuals, organizations and communities through conversations, serious games, assessments and change journeys. GloComNet practitioners work with clients globally. Together developing the right-fit approach to transform the way people think and act.


What People Say

Over the course of the workshop I learned and appreciated that FAUC is a fantastic way of assessing complex, emergent and adaptive systems in factual and rational terms, and pin-pointing what is lacking in unlocking the potential of such a system. As such, I may have very well found the missing link in my understanding of platform design and platform governance.

Ron Kersic
Senior Architect, IT Strategy, ING

We did the FAUC® assessment as a management team. It's a great way to discover the ability of your organisation to handle surprises. It shows your strengths and weaknesses in dealing with surprises and uncertainties.

Michel Beek
Manager maintenance, Nijestee Social Housing

The FAUC toolkit offers an excellent vehicle for participatory design and engagement of stakeholders grappling with complex issues and dependencies. The tactile learning inherent in the kit helps make visible the assumptions that underpin our perceptions of complex phenomena, and fosters dialogue as to prioritization and action. The session on the FAUC model was an engaging exercise led by an experienced facilitator.

Robert Luke PH.D
Vice President, research and innovation, OCAD university

As a facilitator and strategist, I’ve found the FAUC® model provides a unique, but completely intuitive, framework for sparking insights from a group or team about their specific business or community environment. It’s a great assessment tool for kicking off an initiative with diverse stakeholders or, at the implementation planning stage, for bringing teams together to plan for the future.

Jeannette Hanna
Chief Strategist, Trajectory

Complexity is exceptionally fragile as an idea – entirely abstract – but once there are tools between us, it becomes real.