Education and Training


In association with universities, Institutions and schools we offer programs to prepare a next generation to deal with complex problems and challenges.

Another example is the cooperation with University of Groningen, creating the open course (MOOC) 'Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain World'. During the last 5 year the course attracted about 50.000 participants.

Given presentations to: OECD Paris, CBS-Statistics Netherlands, Roche, Shell International, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dutch Ministry of UNECE-United Nations, NN bank, Mandeville Academy

Partners: Zanders, RUG-UCG, HAN, Windesheim, Resillience First


Learn how to apply the FAUC® framework in your organisation or practice. Join an accreditation training and become part of a global community of practice. We also facilitate in-house training sessions. Pick an event and find more information...

Our practitioners

GloComNet practitioners work with organisations and communities globally. Together developing the right-fit approach to transform the way people think and act. Please contact us and we will connect you with some remarkable people.

Lars Albertema - Bussum, NL
Hilton Barbour - Toronto, CA
Rich Batchelor - Toronto, CA
Jan Berkenbosch - Zuidhorn, NL
Ben Berndt - Oosterhout, NL
Jennifer Chan - Toronto, CA
Carla Cripps - Toronto, CA
Eszter Debreczeni - Munich, DE
Evert De Vries - Bussum, NL
Shawn Draisey  - East York, CA
David Ferreira - Mississauga , CA
Maria Garcia Alvarez - Zwolle, NL
Jeannette Hanna - Toronto, CA
Lex Hoogduin - Naarden, NL
Ron Kersic - Amsterdam, NL
Manuel Lindeboom - Kampen, NL
Margarita Marshall - Toronto, CA
Daniel Normandeau - Ottawa, CA
Samuel Ofori-Sey - London, GB
Holger Prante - Berlin, DE
Liesbeth Rijsdijk - Zwolle, NL
Máté Szücs - Munich, DE
Paul van der Cingel - Zwolle, NL
Linda van Goor - Amsterdam, NL
Leslie Willett Black - Toronto, CA
Charlotte Young - Toronto, CA
Hems Zwier - Zwolle, NL