Today’s increasingly complex and uncertain world has an increasing impact on our social and working lives. Our past practices and approaches are failing us and what had worked reliably during more stable times is, unfortunately, proving inadequate for the dynamic present. Complementary to traditional techniques, organisations and societies therefore require a different approach in dealing with the challenges of today and tomorrow.



The FAUC® assessment is a scan for teams, organisations and urban places to:

  • Prepare for the unexpected
  • Deal with complexity and uncertainty (VUCA)
  • Embrace positive- and negative surprises
  • Develop the capacities to act effectively

The assessment focusses on developing the key capacities within teams, organisations and cities. Shaping these capacities is essential to prepare and act in a complex and uncertain environment. The assessment is based on scientific theory related to many years of research and practice.


A sneak preview of the questionaire. The various options trigger a group of people to have a conversation about the best-fit answers. Practitioners facilitate the conversation and capture perspectives and insights.



The assessment uses both quantitative and qualitative information and the wisdom of people invloved. A web-based questionnaire, interactive graphics, profound conversations and a detailed report ensures a valuable outcome. The approach is interactive, participants have a conversation to find the best-fit answers. Creating insight in finding weak spots and specific interventions and actions. The approach offers a chance to take a step back and reconsider previous perspectives, or to start a new assessment to explore how actions worked out.

A possibility is to combine a FAUC® assessment with FAUC®PLAY. 



The assessment spurs a conversation within teams (5-20 people) or even larger groups with numerous participants. The approach accelerates a learning process in which participants will be stimulated to:

  • Better understand human complexity and uncertainty
  • Find strengths and weaknesses in their team, organisation or community
  • Act effectively by developing capacities and sub-capacities
  • Find interventions for immediate action and improvement
  • Create collective energy to succesfully work together 
  • Apply principles to navigate in a complex and uncertain world
  • Use gamification to transfer knowledge and insights to others


Interactive graphics

An example of an interactive graphic based on the answers from a team. For this organisation it is interesting to see that the underlying belief system is weak. It is this kind of insights which lead to valuable conversation and actions.



Next Steps

Are you interested in doing a FAUC® assessment? We are experienced in facilitating sessions and workshops in-house or external. Please contact us and we can start preparing such an essential exercise. A team of practitioners is ready to connect. For a brochure or more information please contact us.



The FAUC® assessment is created in partnership with Zanders.