Today’s increasingly complex and uncertain world has an increasing impact on our social and working lives. Our past practices and approaches are failing us and what had worked reliably during more stable times is, unfortunately, proving inadequate for the dynamic present. Complementary to traditional techniques, organisations and societies therefore require a different approach in dealing with the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Serious Play

The FAUC® serious play is a interactive workshop for teams, organisations and urban places to develop the capacities to act effectively

The workshop focusses on developing the capacities within teams and organisations. Shaping these capacities is essential to prepare and act in a complex and uncertain environment. FAUC PLAY is based on scientific theory related to many years of research and practice.




The approach spurs a conversation within teams (5-20 people) or even larger groups with numerous participants. The approach accelerates a learning process in which participants will be stimulated to:

  • Better understand human complexity and uncertainty
  • Find strengths and weaknesses in their team, organisation or community
  • Act effectively by developing capacities and sub-capacities
  • Find interventions for immediate action and improvement


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