About GloComNet

A network, a platform and a practice

GloComNet was founded in 2014 with the purpose of developing theory, frameworks, tools and capability to utilise insights from complexity theory and other scientific disciplines in social systems. We aim to bridge the gap between research, education, practice and art & culture. Helping individuals, organisations and society to prepare for the unexpected - to act.


GloComNet is a network of people who develop and apply innovative theories, frameworks and tools. People who want to contribute to better decision making, human action and the development of individuals, organisations and society.


GloComNet hosts an interactive platform, a knowledge center and search engine related to the field of social complexity and uncertainty. Enabling members to share perspectives related to research, education, practice and arts.


GloComNet guides individuals, organisations and (urban) places to prepare for a fast changing world through conversations, workshops, serious games, assessments and change journeys. Our practitioners work with clients globally.

GloComNet core team

Lex Hoogduin

My purpose with establishing GloComNet is to help people, companies, communities and societies to flourish. My ambition is to further develop the Theory of Human Action and Interaction (THAI) and elaborate our Framework for Acting under Uncertainty and Complexity (FAUC®). To apply it to personal, business and societal resilience, and to deal with complex social issues.

Erik W. Huizinga

Anyone who dares to delve into the basics of complexity concludes that we need to share worldwide insights and visions and create awareness how to prepare for disruptive and order-influencing interventions by actively binding people and principles, by shaping a global communication policy: for me personally that adage generates unprecedented energy and satisfaction.

Rik Berbé

For me GloComNet is an amazing opportunity to co-create a network of people sharing knowledge and ideas. My drive is on developing a community of practice, enriching the FAUC® framework and creating easy-to-use tools. Moreover, facilitating training sessions, supporting change initiatives and partnering with universities to bring our ideas to the next generation.

Monica Ligtenberg

Since the very beginning I am involved with the GloComNet platform and community. As Office Manager it is exiting to be part of the inspiring GloComNet team and to witness our ever-changing world versus GCN’s vision on social complexity and uncertainty.