A complexity based assessment

FAUC®ASSESS is an advanced assessment for teams, communities and organisations

| The ability to handle positive and negative surprises requires a process of shaping and reshaping capacities. The assessment spurs a conversation: it helps to build the capacities needed to act effectively in a complex and uncertain world. The assessment can be performed within teams (5-20 people) or organisation wide with thousands of particpants.

The approach accelerates a learning process. You will be stimulated to:

  • Learn to better understand complexity and uncertainty
  • Learn to better diagnose a social systems by using a complexity lens
  • Learn to find strengths and weaknesses in social systems
  • Learn to act more effectively by developing five capacities (Entrepreneurial, Alert, Adaptive, Resilient and Creative)
  • Learn to apply principles to navigate in a complex and uncertain world
The assessment uses both quantitative and qualitative information and the wisdom of people involved. Our aim is to accustom people to the FAUC® way of working. We use a web-based questionnaire, conversations and a detailed report to ensure a valuable outcome. The approach offers a chance to take a step back and make observations and interpretations, and define interventions.

There is the possibility to combine FAUC®PLAY with FAUC®ASSESS.

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