Using behavioural theory in models of social complex systems

Often the "rational actor" or "homo-economicus" is used as tool to model human behaviour, despite we know that human behaviour is more complex. The computational modelling of behavioural theories remains a big challenge. With a team we addressed this challenge for social-ecological systems. The develop framework is applied for a few mainstream theories, and may be suitable for a wide variety of social complex domains.

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Maja Schlüter, Andres Baeza, Gunnar Dressler, Karin Frank, Jürgen Groeneveld , Wander Jager, Marco A. Janssen, Ryan R.J. McAllister, Birgit Müller, Kirill Orach, Nina Schwarz, Nanda Wijermans (2017). A framework for mapping and comparing behavioural theories in models of social-ecological systems. Ecological Economics, 131, 21–35.