Announcement welcome Sujatha de Poel

We are delighted to welcome Sujatha de Poel as an acceding member of the executive board of GloComNet.

Sujatha is a career coach and personal development expert whose career has taken her to Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Since 2017, Sujatha co-developed GloComNet’s FAUC Personal Development and other FAUC applications.

She holds an MSc degree in Coaching and Career Management from Birkbeck’s Organizational Psychology department at the University of London, is certified in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, studied English and History at the University of Bombay, and speaks 6 languages.

In addition to the aforementioned professional skills, Sujatha has a strong empathetic capacity and a respectful view of the world of today as well as tomorrow.

With her arrival, the board reinforces itself with a constructive and sympathetic colleague who will actively contribute to achieving the objectives and challenges of GloComNet.

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