Presence on Toronto Change Days

GloComNet will host a workshop on the Toronto Change Days.

As human beings we will always be surprised – positively or negatively. To embrace such a world we need agility, a different mindset and a lot of courage. Essential capacities for people in teams, organisations and (urban) places to deal with our fast changing world. Let us together explore how to shape more fit-for-future organisations and communities. Experience how to co-create an agile environment by embracing a different mindset. Learn to understand that both courage and knowledge are key.


During this playful workshop you will be stimulated to dialogue with other participants, sharing perspectives and finding insights to navigate in a VUCA world. A workshop in which we will shape a place for joy, renewal and innovation. We use serious play with cards, boards and bricks to stimulate the dialogue and learning. A mind-on and hands-on workshop.

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