14 juni 2016
Happy to announce our partnership with Zanders

Happy to announce our partnership with the people of Zanders. In the next coming years we will co-create new services and products. Moreover Zanders will support GloComNet in the further developing of the GloComNet network and platform. Zanders is international partner of choice in Treasury, Risk and Finance. Delivering services for Corporates, Financial institutions and...

5 juni 2016
Students UCG boosting GloComNet

An inspiring group of students of University College Groningen (UCG) start boosting the GloComNet network and platform. They will build new partnerships, shape online communities, find new members, enrich the database with articles, video's and news. Moreover, they will create the foundation for the coming years in which UCG students and GCN members work together...

26 mei 2016
Workshops at Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Collective ideas are being sketched during 2 workshops with 40 professionals of Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Brainstorming about how a complexity lens can support in working with statistics. GCN unfolds the theory on human complexity and afterwards inspiring CBS teamwork emerges. More about CBS here.

13 mei 2016
1-day Bootcamp 'Dealing with complexity & uncertainty' in Toronto

Jeanette Hanna, our GloComNet practitioner in Toronto (Canada) initiated and organized a 1-day BootCamp 'Dealing with complexity & uncertainty'. Date: June 11th, 2016.Making decisions in the midst of complex realities and uncertain futures is one today's most di cult – but crucial – management challenges. This exclusive complexity and uncertainty "boot camp" is your opportunity...

4 maart 2016
GloComNet collaborates with University College Groningen (RUG)

In January 2016 Hans van Ees and Lex Hoogduin signed an agreement between University College Groningen (University of Groningen) and GloComNet. To start a collaboration with a focus on social complexity & uncertainty. Together undertaking activities to create awareness, build knowledge and act purposefully. I.e. the LASCON conference, developing the GCN platform and creating the...

2 maart 2016
New Austrian School - GloComNet Community of Research

Lex Hoogduin and Jesper Nederhoed launch the GCN Community of Research 'New Austrian School'.Austrian School economics offers a unique view on the economy. We have a different perspective on the fundamentals of the economy. Whereas mainstream economists are trying to quantify the economy, even when that is practically impossible, in the Austrian view human action...

2 maart 2016
Scenario Thinking - GloComNet Community of Practice

Henk Krijnen and Bernd-Jan Sikken kicked off today with the community-of-practice Scenario Thinking. Purpose is to share and build knowledge about scenario thinking. The context is 'how to deal with social complexity and uncertainty'. The webinar was held in the GloComNet studio in Hilversum (Netherlands) and recorded.

25 februari 2016
Students University College Groningen (UCG) organize conference Towards a Sustainable Future.

We as Liberal Arts and Sciences students at the University College Groningen (UCG) aim to contribute to the manner in which we approach of the issue of sustainability. Therefore, in May 2016, we will organize the very first edition of our conference series LASCON. This year's theme is 'Towards a sustainable future'. We will provide...