31 augustus 2018
Presence on Toronto Change Days

GloComNet will host a workshop on the Toronto Change Days.As human beings we will always be surprised – positively or negatively. To embrace such a world we need agility, a different mindset and a lot of courage. Essential capacities for people in teams, organisations and (urban) places to deal with our fast changing world. Let...

17 februari 2018
Webinar - the role of storytelling in dealing with complexity and uncertainty

On Thursday 22nd February from 5-6 pm CET GloComNet will broadcast the fifth of a series of monthly live FREE webcasts on current topics in complexity.The topic this time will be: the role of storytelling in dealing with complexity and uncertainty. Conny Dorrestijn will moderate the session. Guests will be Harold van Garderen and Lex...

10 januari 2018
Presentation Kate Raworth’s doughnut economics (with Lex Hoogduin in panel discussion)

Kate Raworth's doughnut economics from Pakhuis de ZwijgerSeven ways to think like a 21st century economist. The current economic paradigm doesn't work. The crisis did not only show the structural problems and the perverse incentives of the system, but also that the theory behind it is hopelessly outdated. Never-ending growth, the rational man that only...

27 december 2017
Conference on Complex Systems 2018 - CCS 2018

On behalf of the Steering Committee of the Complex Systems Society, the Organizing Committee of CCS2018 and and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, I would like to invite you to CCS2018, to be organized in Thessaloniki, Greece in the period September 23-28, 2018. This Conference is in line with the series of meetings previously held...

25 december 2017
Dedicated webpage for FAUC®

FAUC® is a framework to help individuals, organisations and societies to better understand complexity and uncertainty, to better diagnose their eco-system and to act more effectively. FAUC® is rooted in scientific theory (THAI) and based on many years of experience. The FAUC® has been developed during 2016-2017 by GloComNet in cooperation with Zanders. More information about...

11 december 2017
Webinar - Scenario Thinking and Complexity

Recorded on Monday 18th December from 5-6 pm CET. Conny Dorrestijn moderates the session.Guests are Yvonne Sijm, Lex Hoogduin and Rik Berbé.There is an increasing interest for working with scenario's. More and more organizations are exploring possible futures. Even city 'planners' are involving stakeholders to co-shape scenarios for neighborhoods, districts and cities. People start to...

5 december 2017
Webinar - Complexity, climate change and policy making

A webinar about complexity, climate change and policy. Conny Dorrestijn moderates this session. Guests are Marcel Crok, Lex Hoogduin and Kees de Lange.

17 november 2017
Seminar Complexity & Economics during the 36th Peter Stuyvesant Ball in NY

A slow-motion revolution has been occurring in science over the past decades and will likely continue into the rest of the 21st century. Stephen Hawking has coined it the century of complexity.Governments, companies and NGOs have to act in a highly connected and diverse world a globalized and digitalized world. In other words: they have...