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Random items

The Legacy Organizations We Designed 100 Years Ago Are Broken

In the previous post, I outlined a few of the reasons why organizations are forces for evil. With all of those reasons in mind, I'll ask ...

Jun 27 2017
Complexity theory and organisational development

There are five core theories that provide a solid foundation for the work that OD practitioners do. Good grounding in theory is essential...

Jun 18 2017
Infographic: Why organisations must change

Organisations must change. But why? This infographic explains how our unpredictable and increasingly complex world forces companies to re...

Oct 22 2017
The New Renaissance Is In Our Hands

People's trust in government, major businesses, organized religion, and other traditional institutions is at a historic low, but there is...

Mar 12 2016
Webinar - the role of storytelling in dealing with complexity and uncertainty

The topic of this webinar is: the role of storytelling in dealing with complexity and uncertainty. Conny Dorrestijn moderates this sessio...

Feb 22 2018
Using behavioural theory in models of social complex systems

Often the "rational actor" or "homo-economicus" is used as tool to model human behaviour, despite we know that human behaviour is more co...

Jun 18 2017
Organic organization chart (video)

The OrgOrgChart (Organic Organization Chart) project looks at the evolution of a company's structure over time. A snapshot of the Autodes...

Jun 18 2017
Looking at leadership through a complexity lens (Nick Obolensky)

Nick Obolensky, CEO Complex Adaptive Leadership LTDCheck the presentation ...Para Limes, Nanyang Technological UniversityWorkshop on Comp...

Mar 12 2016
Video OECD workshop: Complex Systems Methods - (​​Henk Krijnen)

Henk Krijnen, Founder, NavIncertaHenk Krijnen tells about system dynamics and scenario's and how it relates to investment decisions.

Mar 12 2016
Simple Architectures for Complex Enterprises

IT failure is a quite complicated phenomenon and there are several common variables that can indicate whether a software project is about...

Mar 12 2016
Building adaptive communities through network weaving

This is an article that focuses on the basic phases of building effective networks, using one grounded example to bring the theory to lif...

Dec 23 2017