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GloComNet supports organizations to deal with social complexity and uncertainty.
Complexity thinking forces new ways of thinking, refreshing approaches and other tools.
Here you will find practical information helping organizations to deal with complexity.

Members are invited to post experiences, presentations, papers and tools.
Our global network of practitioners will support in finding new ways and practical tools.
Contact us for advice and more information about becoming a GloComNet practitioner.

Random items

Applying Adaptive Learning to a National Security Problem

Linton Wells, Managing Partner of Wells Analytics LLCCheck the presentation ...Para Limes, Nanyang Technological UniversityWorkshop on Co...

Mar 12 2016
Embracing Complexity

As you will see if you browse the website, the theme that underpins our work and interests is the way complexity, change and transformati...

Dec 23 2017
Collaborative Capacity in Public Service Delivery: a framework for practice

This discussion paper reflects primarily on the public service reform agenda in the UK, drawing lessons from a range of British examples ...

Mar 12 2016
Companies without Managers (BBC radio 4)

Who's your boss? Peter Day explores how three different companies, in three different countries, do business without managers. Who hires ...

Mar 12 2016
Building adaptive communities through network weaving

This is an article that focuses on the basic phases of building effective networks, using one grounded example to bring the theory to lif...

Dec 23 2017
Video ESSA: Simulation on Predator-Prey Interactions (Charlotte Hemelrijk)

Charlotte Hemelrijk about the evolution of the stoop of falcons in a model of bird flight.

Mar 12 2016
What can banks learn from nuclear reactors ?

A good article from Tim Harford, economist and journalist, writing in the Financial Times. Tim is also known as "The Undercover Economist...

Mar 12 2016
Video OECD workshop: Money and Finance – What is missing from traditional macroeconomics?​ (John Geanakoplos)

John Geanakoplos, Professor of Economics, Yale UniversityWhat is missing from traditional macroeconomics?

Mar 12 2016
Build a change platform, not a change program

Guiding a process of socially constructed change is neither quick nor easy—but it is possible and effective. The biggest obstacles to cre...

Jun 18 2017
Complexity & Management Centre

On this site we hope to explore day to day interactions between people in the work place as a way of enquiring into management practice. ...

Mar 12 2016
Introduction to GloComNet (2015 trailer)

The Global Complexity Network (GloComNet) aims to increase awareness to the importance of understanding and dealing with social complexit...

Jun 18 2017
A complexity based assessment

FAUC®ASSESS is an advanced assessment for teams, communities and organisations| The ability to handle positive and negative surprises req...

Dec 29 2017