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GloComNet supports organizations to deal with social complexity and uncertainty.
Complexity thinking forces new ways of thinking, refreshing approaches and other tools.
Here you will find practical information helping organizations to deal with complexity.

Members are invited to post experiences, presentations, papers and tools.
Our global network of practitioners will support in finding new ways and practical tools.
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Random items

How a small group of Santa Fe researchers changed economic thinking

Economics is a stately subject, prim and respectable, one that's altered little since its modern foundations were laid in Victorian times...

Mar 12 2016
Building adaptive communities through network weaving

This is an article that focuses on the basic phases of building effective networks, using one grounded example to bring the theory to lif...

Dec 23 2017
The wicked problem and the toast

Tom Wujec is talking about wicked problems and the need to visualize each step of the process in order to get a deeper understanding of i...

Jun 18 2017
What kind of aid agency suits a complex world?

This conversational blog written by a strategic advisor to Oxfam Novib explores what complexity theory has to offer to development polici...

Aug 27 2016
Tell Me a Story by Todd Babiak (TEDx)

Todd Babiak is co-founder of Story Engine, a startup that uses story-based strategies to make organizations and leaders better: more focu...

Nov 15 2016
Policymaking, Citizenship and Democracy in a Complex World

Recent decades have seen a dramatic growth in the literature on complex systems. Much of this has developed in mathematics and in the nat...

Sep 04 2016
What’s Driving Evolution?

This site is about "Natural Evolution and Emergent Complexity" – it is about how complex things can (without any external direction) natu...

Oct 02 2016
GloComNet as HUB of HUBS

GloComNet is the hub of the hubs in the world of (social) complexity and uncertainty.Check out all hubs worldwide

Jun 18 2017
Systemic Leadership

An excellent white paper from Bill Tate at London Metropolitan University with an overview of developing leadership from a systemic persp...

Mar 12 2016
The Organization as a Network of Projects

Recurrent and non-recurrent activities in an industry can be seen as "projects". Whether we seek to improve the speed at which we manufac...

Mar 12 2016
Collaborative Capacity in Public Service Delivery: a framework for practice

This discussion paper reflects primarily on the public service reform agenda in the UK, drawing lessons from a range of British examples ...

Mar 12 2016
Reconstructing the city. Reflections on scenario planning at the Laurens quarter in Rotterdam

The 1995 'what if?' question: reflections on the Laurens quarter Rotterdam(Jan van Teeffelen, Independent urbanist, Former advisor on urb...

Mar 27 2017