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GloComNet supports organizations to deal with social complexity and uncertainty.
Complexity thinking forces new ways of thinking, refreshing approaches and other tools.
Here you will find practical information helping organizations to deal with complexity.

Members are invited to post experiences, presentations, papers and tools.
Our global network of practitioners will support in finding new ways and practical tools.
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Random items

Narrative Analysis

Narrative analysis has gained increasing popularity within the social sciences since the 1990s. In this session we explore some of the fu...

Jun 18 2017
The challenge of speed driving slow in the fast lane

Driven by ever greater globalisation and technological innovation as well as rocketing consumer expectations, Europe's businesses need to...

Mar 12 2016
Resilience First Initiative working closely with GloComNet

We are now associated with Resilience First - an initiative to improve urban resilience for business communities in the UK and beyond. A ...

Dec 06 2018
The Observatory of Economic Complexity - Visual Atlas by MIT

The Observatory of Economic Complexity is a tool that allows users to quickly compose a visual narrative about countries and the products...

Mar 12 2016
Tell Me a Story by Todd Babiak (TEDx)

Todd Babiak is co-founder of Story Engine, a startup that uses story-based strategies to make organizations and leaders better: more focu...

Nov 15 2016
Businesses need to think biologically. Here's 7 ways they can.

In their groundbreaking book The Person and the Situation, Lee Ross and Richard E. Nisbett explain how social outcomes are more often det...

Jan 16 2018
We're moving fast. But nobody knows where we're going (WEF)

Adapting to an uncertain futureThe sooner we realize that long-term forecasting is becoming obsolete, the better we'll be able to cope wi...

Apr 22 2017
Looking at leadership through a complexity lens (Nick Obolensky)

Nick Obolensky, CEO Complex Adaptive Leadership LTDCheck the presentation ...Para Limes, Nanyang Technological UniversityWorkshop on Comp...

Mar 12 2016
Video Nature: Resilience in complex systems - new research

Great new video from Nature giving an overview of some new research which aims to identify the common factors that determine the resilien...

Mar 12 2016
Complex problems need complex solutions

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong" - H L Menken.Why we need to teach complexity in our Busi...

Dec 23 2017
Infographic: Why organisations must change

Organisations must change. But why? This infographic explains how our unpredictable and increasingly complex world forces companies to re...

Oct 22 2017
An alternative theory (THAI) and framework (FAUC®)

Social complexity and uncertainty have an increasing impact on our social and working lives. Complementary to traditional techniques, ind...

Dec 30 2017