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Random items

The Austrian School on Debt

What is the role of debt in the economy? Is it too high? Olav Dirkmaat discusses these and more questions in episode 6: The Austrian Scho...

Dec 06 2016
How might a complexity lens be like and how might we use it? (Cheung Siew Ann)

Cheung Siew Ann, Assistant Professor, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences at Nanyang Technological UniversityCheck the present...

Oct 02 2015
Social complexity and scientific validity (video)

Dave Wiley is Research Coordinator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency's (NOAA) Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary and...

Jan 16 2015
Economplex - A Complexity Science View of Marketing by Greg Silverman

The marketing world has changed. Previously we tended to assume a direct consequence of a marketing initiative on a consumer (hell, even ...

Jan 20 2015
Video OECD workshop: Interview (​​Diego Garlaschelli)

Diego Garlaschelli, Assistant Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Leiden

Nov 09 2015
Using behavioural theory in models of social complex systems

Often the "rational actor" or "homo-economicus" is used as tool to model human behaviour, despite we know that human behaviour is more co...

Sep 09 2016
MIT Fractals in Science, Engineering and Finance (video)

Description: Roughness is ubiquitous and a major sensory input of Man. The first step to measure and simulate it was provided by fractal ...

Jan 20 2015
The Major Transitions in Evolution (Ears Szathmári)

Ears Szathmáry, Director, Parmenides Center for the Conceptual Foundations of ScienceCheck the presentation ...Para Limes, Nanyang Techno...

Oct 14 2015
Sustainability: Jan Rotmans at TEDx Maastricht

Jan Rotmans calls himself a "professor and a progressor". As a scientist he is focused on advancing society in the field of climate chang...

Jan 30 2017
Video OECD workshop: Complex Systems Methods - (​​Henk Krijnen)

Henk Krijnen, Founder, NavIncertaHenk Krijnen tells about system dynamics and scenario's and how it relates to investment decisions.

Nov 09 2015
The Austrian School on Interventionism

The Austrian School on Interventionism:Why do governments intervene? What are the consequences of government intervention? Does it actual...

Dec 20 2016