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Carlo Jaeger | Bridging the gap

About: wicked problems, complexity of things, computer modeling, economics, multi-agent model, prices, global coordination, policy, envir...

Jun 07 2015
Social cognitive theory goes global - how to promote adoption of psychosocial programmes

A great talk from Bandura (who has just been awarded the National Medal of Science by President Obama) on how he has used psychosocial a...

Feb 24 2016
Video OECD workshop: Complex Systems Methods (​​Angela Wilkinson)

Video OECD workshop: Complex Systems Methods - (Angela Wilkinson)

Nov 13 2015
Frontiers of design science: The Network City

"Only connect," the writer E. M. Forster said famously — and modern scientists working with network structures are learning how right he ...

Jan 16 2015
Kurt Gödel - from the Limits of understanding

A brief bio of Kurt Gödel from. The Limits of Understanding - World Science Festival

Jun 06 2016
What is Complexity

What is complexity? A great many quantities have been proposed as measures of something like complexity. In fact, a variety of different...

Nov 15 2014
Stellenbosch: Centre for Studies in Complexity

The centre provides the framework and infrastructure for engaging with complexity systematically and in depth. The core activity of the C...

Jun 14 2015
Video OECD Workshop: Sustainability – How science create narratives which influence policy makers (​Roland Kupers)

Roland Kupers, Independent Consultant, Complexity, Resilience, Green GrowthHow science create narratives which influence policy makers (R...

Nov 04 2015
Swarm conditions and the traffic flow

Self-organization is apparent in various contexts and processes including physics, biology, engineering and cognitive systems. This dynam...

Mar 29 2017
Complex statistical systems

Weakly interacting statistical systems can be perfectly described by thermodynamics – provided the number of states W in the system is la...

Jan 02 2015
Center for the Study of Complex Systems (CSCS)

The Center for the Study of Complex Systems (CSCS) is a broadly interdisciplinary program in the College of Literature, Science and the A...

Jun 07 2015
Activism and the New Science

In this document we report and how we used network science to map the relations in a grass-root intentional network and to aid in assessi...

Feb 25 2017